Who We Are

Who we are? Providing high quality house and hotel fabrics the world over

As the only Armenian brand of its kind, we offer a supreme-quality production that could effortlessly compete with the most prominent textile products in the world.

Our linen, sourced from Egypt, UK, USA, Russia an Belarus is made exclusively from high-quality natural fabrics by skilled tailors and is decorated with embroidery elaborated by our artist designers and experts. Our inspiration comes from the jewels of our rich Armenian heritage – miniatures, sculptures, traditional embroidery and carpet-making.

All of this gives you artistic masterpieces in your house, which are also velvety, smooth and soft blankets, pillows and sheets that smell of Armenian nature drowning you in deep, restful and rejuvenating sleep!

When the aim is art, class, and a a beautiful, relaxing sleep, the answer is “Sonati”

Sonati aims at creating new standards for bedroom, house, hotel and gifts through fabrics and art forms.

Our founder, Ms Sona Hovhannisyan is a art connoisseur with deep and rich experience in organizing classical music and top end music festivals. Art is in her blood. And that flows into Sonati’s unique and tasteful products. The highest quality of materials, manufacturing, human relations, communications, delivery and service are imperative, they are not optional!


High Quality Materials

We use only the finest linens and fabrics with high thread counts that assure quality and comfort to our select clientele

Finesse as a given

Our products are made with a unique combination of man and machine, of tradition and culture and above all, leadership that assures finesse as a given at all times!

Pride in workmanship

Our staff take exceptional pride in their workmanship, and we reinforce it with the right organizational culture that rewards quality, commitment and craft

Through reviving our cultural heritage and applying modern touch, Sonati offers:

  • Luxury sets of premium quality 100% cotton sateen bed linen embroidered with traditional patterns
  • Solid color and hotel sets of premium quality
  • Sets with exclusive designer pattern fabrics
  • Special bridal, christening and gift sets
  • Customized orders with monograms, family coat of arms and color, fabric selection
  • Fiber-puff pillows and handcrafted fiber-puff quilted comforters
  • All products are made of ecologically pure materials

Artistic comfort, inspired by in Armenia’s rich heritage and breathtaking views of nature.

Imagine falling deep asleep to the smell of frail manuscripts in sacred monasteries, perched in fragrant meadows atop cold mountain springs.
Captured in art on your bedsheets and in our signature designed aromatic candles.